The Type “B” Mandrel is designed to be used in well completions that have not been equipped with landing nipples. It can be lowered to any desired depth and attached to the tubing wall as a means to set safety valves, regulators and flow beans. The Type “B” Mandrel can only hold pressure from below.



Fishneck O.D. 1.375"
Max. O.D. 1.563"
Make Up Length 28.718"
Roll Pins (4) 3/16" x 1.375"
Top Pin Thread 15/16"-10
Bottom Box Thread     15/16"-10
Valve 1"
Mandrel Type KBM, KBMG, *MM, *MMG
* Requires 4.062" Spacer      



Fishneck O.D. 1.187"
Max. O.D. 1.313"
Make Up Length 28.875"
Steel Pins (4) 3/16" x 1.313"
Top Pin Thread 15/16"-10
Bottom Box Thread       15/16"-10
Valve 1"
Mandrel Type KBU, KBUW, KA



  2”, 2 1/2” 3” 4-ARM
Part Number            60K00200      60K00300      60K00400



  1 1/2"
Part Number            60AK0150



  2”, 2 1/2” 3” 4-ARM
Knuckle Joint 60K00002        60K00002 60K00002
Fishneck 60B00061 60B00061 60B00061
Socket 60A00065 60A00065 60A00065
Ball 60A00083 60A00083 60A00083
Upper Bushing 60A00687 60A00687 60A00687
Mandrel 60B00062 60B00062 60B00062
Spring Protector Cap      (2) 60B01125 (2) 60B01125    (2) 60B01125
Ratchet Housing (2) 60B01123 (2) 60B01123 (2) 60B00064
Lock Ratchet 60K00001 60K00001 60K00001
Spring Attachment Sleeve    (2) 60A00082 (2) 60A00082 (2) 60A00082
Extension Spring 90A00914 90A00914 90A00914
Centering Spring (3) 90A00564 (3) 90A00564 (4) 90A00564
Slip Ratchet 60K00000 60K00000 60K00000
Lower Bushing 60A00694 60A00694 60A00694



  1 1/2"
Knuckle Joint 60AK0001
Fishneck 60B00967
Socket 60A00958
Ball 60A00961
Upper Bushing 60A00635
Mandrel 60B00956
Spring Protector Cap (2) 60A00959
Ratchet Housing (2) 60B00957
Lock Ratchet 60AK0002
Spring Attachment Sleeve    (2) 60A00960
Extension Spring 90A00915
Centering Spring (3) 90A00564
Slip Ratchet 60AK0000
Lower Bushing 60A00636