Tools International Corporation offers a complete line of slickline wireline tools for on and offshore oilfield operations around the world. Our locking mandrels, tool string equipment, running and pulling tools are available to all industry specs and standards.

TIC is known throughout the industry for its resourcefulness and quick response. Our commitment to customer service includes meeting the challenges of special design requirements, wherever and whenever they arise. To larger companies, this kind of flexibility is thought to be cost prohibitive ... at TIC, we think it's essential.





Quality Statement

License #



Tools International Corporation manufactures each part with quality in mind, first and foremost.  We have a well- established and implemented quality system that is compliant with API Q1.  We are licensed to monogram sub- surface safety valve lock mandrels under specification API-14L.  We acquired this monogramming license in 1989, when it was designation API-14A.  It is the driving force behind our quality system.

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