The Type “G” Packoff is used to straddle and seal off holes in the tubing. The upper and lower Type “G” Packoffs are usually joined by spacer pipe. Upper and lower tubing stops are  used to keep the packoff assemblies in the locked position. In special applications, an upper or lower can be used as a tubing plug in situations where during well completion, landing nipples were not installed.



  2" 2 1/2"
Upper Connection 1 5/8"-12     2 1/16"-12
Lower Connection 1"-10rd 1 1/2"-10rd
Max. O.D. 1.840" 2.275"
Minimum I.D. 1.063" 1.500"
Fishneck I.D. (optional)     1.375" 1.81"



  2" 2 1/2"
Part Number            13GP2200      13GP2250



  2" 2 1/2"
Locking Sleeve 13B00929 13A01275
Lug Segment (3) 13A01270       (3) 13A01276
Locking Segment (6) 13A01269 (6) 13A01277
Element Expander #1     13A00930 13A01278
Element 97A00588 97A00575
Element Expander #2 13A00931 13A01279
Mandrel 13B00928 13A01280
Lower Sub 13A00927 13A01281
Spacer 13A00924 (2) 13A01282
O-Ring (2) #219 (2) #224
Fishneck (optional) 13B01167 13B00996
Collet (optional) 13A00925 13B00932