7” (.092”) HAY PULLEY


The TIC 7” Hay Pulley is designed to alter the direction of the wireline from a perpendicular to a horizontal position while in route from the stuffing box to the wireline unit. The Hay Pulley acts to reduce the amount of side pull force to the lubricator string. The TIC 7” Hay Pulley is configured for easy line wiper attachment.



Part Number            80HP8003



Latch Block 80HP0010
Eye Bolt 80HP0030
Nut 80HP0029
Fork 80HP0011
Hinge Bolt 80HP0007
Hinge Nut 80HP0008
Latch Spring                   80HP0009
Jam Nut 80SHB004
Sheave Bolt 80SHB003
Lock Pin Nut 80B00200
Lock Pin 80B00201
Wheel (with bearings)                       80HP0002
Wheel (only) 80HP0003
Bearing (2) 80HPB000
Screw (4) 80PRW001