The “TICG” Lock Mandrel with packing gland is a top no-go lock used in “TF” type profiles. This lock has a no-go shoulder to prevent downward movement and collet type locking fingers to prevent upward movement. The I.D. of the lock has a relatively smooth, uninterrupted flow path and is excellent for high volume completions.

Note: When the packing gland and packing unit assembly is made up on the “TICG” Lock, the item becomes a “TN” Lock Subassembly.



  1.81" 1.87" 2.25" 2.31"
No Go Diameter 1.865" 1.925" 2.302" 2.365"
Fishneck Diameter     1.375" 1.375" 1.750" 1.750"
Fishneck I.D. .953" .953" 1.250" 1.250"
Plunger I.D. .807" .807" 1.120" 1.120"
Overall Length 17.375" 17.375" 17.375" 17.375"
Running Tool 41CR0200 41CR0200 41CR0250 41CR0250
Running Shank 14SH2200 14SH2200 14SH2250 14SH2250
Pulling Tool 40SB1200    40SB1200 40SB1250    40SB1250
  - 40JDC200    - 40JDC250
Pulling Probe 14P02200 14P02200 14P02250 14P02250
Bottom Thread 1.468"-14 1.468"-14 1.802"-14 1.802"-14