The TIC 1-Trip Tubing Plug is designed to set in 2 3/8” 4.7# and 2 7/8” 6.5# 8RD collared tubing.
The plug can be configured as a positive plug (hold pressure from top and bottom), standing valve
(hold pressure from top) and pump thru (hold pressure from bottom). All types have a Kobe
knockout equalizing feature.
The TIC Tubing Plug can also be manufactured for many different size tubings and weights, using an
“A” Tubing Stop for the lower stop.


2 1/16” 3.25#                 2 7/8” 8.7#                   2 7/8” 7.9#
3 1/2” 12.95#                 3 1/2” 9.2#
TIC Plug Elements are available in:
Viton (Standard)
HSN (Optional)
AFLAS (Optional)
*Also available with “A-1” Type Tubing Stop in place of “G” Anchor