The “M” Series Lock Mandrels are selective type locks that are designed to locate in the “W” Series Landing Nipples.The “M” Lock, run with the series “W” Running Tool,features the ability to land in any “W” nipple of the same seal bore in the tubing string. The “M” Series Lock Mandrel uses a shear release ratchet mechanism that prevents the lock dogs from retracting while set in the nipple.



  2" 2 1/2"    
Fishneck O.D.     1.375" 1.750"    
Packing O.D. 1.875"  2.313"    
Minimum I.D. 7/8" 1.125"    
Running Tool 41W10200      41W10250    
Pulling Tool 40JDC200 40JDC250    



  2” 2 1/2”    
Part Number            12M00200       12M00250    



  2” 2 1/2”    
Fishneck 12B01182 12B01187    
Lock Housing 12B01181 12B01199    
Locking Dog (2) 12B01178 (3) 12B01198    
Packing Body 12B01200 12B01201    
Expander Tube 12B01183 12B01189    
Back Up Ring (2) 12B01204      (2) 12B01208    
Vee Packing (6) 91V31000 (6) 91V31800    
Adapter Ring 12B01203 12B01207    
Ratchet Assembly      12CL1200 12CL1250