The Type “C” Equalizing Plug is an equalizing sub that holds pressure generated from the bottom only. It can be used as a pump through plug if needed. When used in conjunction with the Type “B”, “H”, and “F” Equalizing Subs, the upper end of the bean housing serves as a valve which seats and seals on a tapered seat that is present in all Type “B”, “H”, and “F” subs. This same tapered seat is present in the “B” and “W” Mandrels so that the “C” Plug could be used on them without another equalizing sub made up to it. The bean has a secondary valve which sticks out above the bean that must be pushed off seat, using an
equalizing prong made up the the proper pulling tool, in order to equalize. This is accomplished by applying tool string weight on it prior to pulling the locking mandrel. 



  2"   2 1/2"       3"  
Thread Connection  13/16"-14  19/16"-12  2"-12   
Flow Area Equalizing Button (Sq. In.)    .0075"   .0075"   .0075"    
Roll Pin  1/4" x 3/4"    1/4" x 7/8"    1/4" x 1 7/16"     



  2"   2 1/2"       3"  
Part Number            21C01200         21C01250         21C01300   



  2"  2 1/2"  3"  
Bean Assembly 21CB0200 21CB0250 21CB0300  
Housing  21B01452 21A00457 21A01460  
Secondary Valve       21A00456        21A00456        21A00456  
Spring  90A01515 90A01515 90A01515  
Cage  21B01446 21B01447 21B00438  
Spring  90A01044 90A00895 90A01136