"D" PLUG (2"-3")



The Type “D” Equalizing Plug is a plug that is designed to hold pressure from below. It can be used in conjunction with many locking devices to bleed off a wellin order to perform repairs or replacement of surface equipment. It also has pump through capabilities that would allow an operator to kill a well. A pulling prong is needed to equalize these subs. The prong lifts a spring loaded equalizing dart off “seat” which allows either fluid bypass or pressure equalizing.



  2" 2 1/2" 3"
Max. O.D. 1.750" 2.125" 2.625"
I.D. Bore .531" .719" 1.156"
Thread Connection 1 3/16"-14 1 9/16"-12 2"-12
Flow Area Pump Down (sq. in.) .221" .406" 1.049"
Flow Area Equalizing Button  (sq. in.)     .003" .003" .003"
Set Screw 1/4"-20 x 1/4"     1/4"-20 x 1/4"     1/4"-20 x 1/4"



  2" 2 1/2"   3"
Part Number            21D01200     21D01250       21D01300



  2" 2 1/2" 3"
Equalizing Sub Assembly 21D03200      21D03250      21D03300
Body 21B01444 21B01448 21B01449
Cap 20A00475 20A00475 20A00475
Dart 20A00476 20A00476 20A00476
Valve Spring 90A01457 90A01457 90A01457
Bean Assembly 21D02200 21D02250 21D02300
Body 21A01445 21A01451 21B00437
Packing Adapter 21A01128 21A01449 21A01488
Core 21A01129 21A01450 21B01490
Hycar 97A00582 97A00894 97A01152
Cage 21B01446 21B01447 21B00438
Spring 90A01044 90A00895 90A01136
Inconel Springs (optional)       90N02120 90N02121 -